“A dictionary for navigators on spiritual rough waters” chapter 18 – the twins: lost and found

Reading Bible words is like looking for treasure. Treasure is interesting because one has to find it. The key word is “find”. One tends to take for granted things that are easily accessible and are visible to all. But when the equally rare and precious thing is not easily visible and often is hidden in the unseen, and is only accessible to the one who spends time and effort to ‘find’ it, that thing is really treasured.

So today we read two words which are interrelated. They are twins. the Bible word “lost’ has the implication that it has to be “found”. Jesus spoke on how heaven celebrates when a lost one is found! He uses three stories to illustrate this truth in heaven. No one is thus lost without God sending someone to look for him or her. Once he or she is found, heaven rejoices! Imagine, there is thus hope for every one, that is, no matter how lost you are, you will be found by your loving Father in heaven. In fact He is looking for you now.  How awesome!



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