journey on: more little dog’s story -the gate and the cage

This little dog is trying her best to adjust to living in the new house which has no garden. One recent day she was put to test and subject to much confusion by the human.

He drove home and parked the car outside as he did not want to let the dog run into the street. So he got down from his car and unlocked the front gate, got in and locked up the dog (in a cage which the dog could easily get out as she could open the latch). By the time he got back to the car he discovered that he did not have the car key with him. Instead, he had the key to the gate lock.

He went into the house as he had got in and put his shoppings there. But, alas, the car key was not there either.

He went back to the car outside the gate and found that he had locked the car but the key was not inside the car.

Where could the car key be? He walked the whole distance between the gate, the front porch and the living room a number of times trying to recall what else he did in that short time.

Meanwhile the dog went in and out of the cage as she normally gets into the cage obediently when humans drive their cars outside or command her to sit inside the cage, but gets out of the cage the minute the cars are outside the gate. As it was uncertain whether the car was coming in or going out, she moved in and out of the cage, as the human went outside and came inside.

It was like a game of beating the other to the cage and/or the gate. Eventually the human cried out in despair, “O Lord, mercy, I cannot handle this any longer.” He was hungry and tired and longed to take a shower and go to bed. A prompting inside made him walk to the cage, and there the car key was, on top of the cage, next to the padlock of the gate! cute-dog-snow

What a day! What an adventure for the little dog, who had proven her proficiency in getting in and out of the cage. She also demonstrated her obedience when he placed a small jar of fruit enzymes at her cage door to deter her from getting out of the cage. She sat in the cage this last round and watched the mysterious jar with interest. She was careful not to open the door in case she broke it. What a dog!

Adaptability Scoreboard for mind and habit: human -0; dog -full marks.


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