why do the seagulls come to the city: a haiku

four seagulls 2He thought they were planes

each carried a light so bright

at the gulls airshow


Often we see what what we happen to be thinking. The traveler was thinking of last weekend’s end. He was more accustomed to seeing planes than seeing seagulls in this place. Later someone said that the seagulls had become city scavengers. Why? He asked. The person explained that perhaps the tourists had left behind some foodstuff after their picnics. It is very common these days. Do not be so surprised. She said. But the traveler could not help wondering further why the seagulls have found it necessary to come to the city. Have they no food at their shore home? What has happened to their food source? He has seen them at the edge of the ocean some days ago. Have they followed him thus far as he travels inland? Is this a new pattern of the sea creatures, coming to shore and then inching their way inland? What has happened to their ocean? No one has offered any answer to these questions. They are just insignificant birds. Someone remarked. If every tourist stops giving them food they will go away. Having encountered scavenger birds while traveling in other parts of the planet, the traveler knows they do not give up easily and  they breed fast and reproduce in great quantity. They eat anything. One municipality even offered money to hunters who killed scavenger birds which eventually became a menace to their residents. Watching the silver gulls glistening against the clear blue sky backdrop the traveler sighs and wonders why the ocean can no longer contain them.


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