traveling down a mountain: a haiku (and a prose)

on a train looking outlooking out on train

sunset waves goodbye to him

woken and alone ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~He has got accustomed to being alone traveling. Recently he climbs a mountain and comes down alone in a train. Riding a train has its advantages. He needs not worry about the terrain or weather. He dozes off from time to time when he is not writing. The journey can take days. This evening he wakes and to his surprise the sunset looks at him outside the window. It is untidy and unkempt. Its hair disheveled. “What happened?” He asks. She shakes her head and leaves with a gentle sigh. He can hear his heart weeping inside. He just cannot forget the time he has traveled with a close one. They crossed the channel together. Twenty years. They spent their best youth together. He remembers her long hair again. Disheveled.

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