an ocean of memory: a haiku (and a prose)

20151129_101214 copyPost-travel blue day

memories of ocean bay

when she went away ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~This is a photograph he likes. It is a welcome glass signage. The fishes are not real. In a few words the artist tries to depict the purpose and hopes of the aquarium, for a timeless survival of the remains of the ocean. Alas, time on earth wears out like the weathered battered shell of a building or any shell or crust for that matter. What remains are memories of what had been and not what would be. Even memories wear out one day. Every traveler comes with his own purpose and hope, seeing what he wants to see. When he recalls the day he went there alone he now only remembers a memory of another time and space when she was around and watching the ocean together with him in silent happiness. Not because there were fishes. Not because the sky was so blue. But because the ocean spoke tenderly of what they have shared together, memories of past happiness. The ocean has given two human a memory of love. That is what remains that really matters.


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