she cannot be framed: a haiku (and a prose)

20151129_101117 copyThey try to frame her

slat steel slate slab glass and sand

holding up ocean ~~~~~~~~~~~~~He sees this strange structure. Outside is the free ocean. Is the structure holding back individuals from jumping into and embracing the ocean? Or is it a boundary to restrain the free uninhibited ocean so she will not enter this serene little enclosure where human spectators may safely watch her from a distance? Strange way of interacting with the ocean. Cannot blame the artist and builder. Human often desires frames and barriers. Sometimes to our detriment. A deterrence to venture out to love. To compassion. To truth that may hurt at first. To stop even briefly for one whom the Lord has brought to us for a need. He admits that his tired eyes are sometimes fixed too high above the ground and he does not look down. O how he has missed out. He misses out love. He misses out the tenderness that can only grow between two human with sharing without defense, closeness without self-agenda, barrier-less yet with mutual dignity and honor, and fear-less freedom to express truth in the time and space he has been given for a season. How he misses her. The ocean. The love that never was.


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