writing haiku: a haiku (and a prose)

lone tree on hillCome haiku with me

a tree calls when he drives by

come see what I see

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~He started when young. Writing haiku for a living in dreams. When he was older he wrote seriously but not haiku. Usually corporate reports. He knew then he could not live on haiku or any short poems. Even his loved ones shook their heads. Daily he drives on his corporate fast lane, sometimes long hours, like from dawn to dusk, even after midnight. Has he his own life? Yes, often in between reports. Then it is the time for watching the trees, the ponds, the rocks, the living creatures, the colors of all seasons, the sky and clouds, the ocean and the wind. Haiku is a lifestyle of watching. One just cannot capture a momentary snapshot until one takes the moment in snapshot. That is how his haiku builds up. Moments here and there. Sometimes it’s just a picture. Sometimes it’s a picture expressing a thought or a feeling at that moment. Thoughts and feelings are parts of the soul. In a way he is writing about souls.


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