a relentless traveler: a haiku (and a prose)

a way aheadmost unusual way

too clear and too far they say

kind words try to sway

……..They mean well. “Don’t be fooled by the fineness.” But his heart is made up even before the day dawns. He must go on this journey. Because he knows she will be waiting for him. On the night before he has seen all these in his dream. The clearness of her eyes beneath the clear blue sky. The gentle movement of her hair in the breathless wind. The whisper of her soft call echoed by the high mountain. The traces of her fresh footsteps on the remaining snow. They do not stop him. He puts on an extra layer of clothes just to let them know he knows it is really cold out there and he is no presumptuous fool. So he leaves the comfort zone they have so kindly prepared and hosted. Who says a human must always live in a comfort zone? The living creatures live in the open. They thrive. The wind is still but the air is like freezing. He takes a deep breath and walks on. To his rendezvous with his love.

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