your time 333: a haiku (and a prose about Indie)

a view of lakewaking his mind takes

333 her time calling

car view of a lake

`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~a haiku often depicts a momentary scene. Like this view of a lake when he wakes at his own time at 5:33am. But her time is only 3:33pm on a previous day.The international dateline has separated the two time zones. In crossing to this time zone he has lost one day. Has he really lost? No. when he first flew there he crossed the dateline and gained one day. So over the six months he was there he was living in yesterday. Now he is back to the future, always a day ahead of her. Like Doc Brown in Back to the Future, he sometimes toyed with the idea of staying in the yesterday’s time zone so he could live near his Daisy (as in The Great Gatsby) or school teacher Clara (as in Back to the Future). In Back to the Future Part III (1990),Marty returns to 1985 without Doc Brown, who stayed behind with Clara in 1885. Here is an excerpt of the last scene:

“He worries that Doc has been lost in the past forever, when suddenly Doc Brown appears in a new time machine, modeled after a locomotive. He introduces Jennifer and Marty to Clara (to whom he is now married) and his two sons, Jules and Verne. When Marty asks if Doc and his family are going to the future, Doc replies that he’s “already been there.” Doc’s last words of wisdom is that nobody knows their future, so they “must make it a good one.” The locomotive flies across the sky and disappears, ending the trilogy.” A pretty good ending. 

Whilst looking forward to seeing a fourth movie of this series, this traveler knows that it would not be without the Marty McFly character played by Michael J. Fox. On the other hand, the original Indiana Jones is coming back. Ford’s age: 73 at the moment, 77 when the movie will be released in late summer 2019.

A quote: “We love Ford for his slow, sly grin and his easy loping; for his faint, distrait air of not wanting to be there. He forever gives the wearied impression of not desiring to fritter his time away on this kind of claptrap – always an inherently elderly attribute, even when he was young.

Like Ford, the haiku-writing-traveler knows his own inherent wearied youthfulness, preference for the faint and distract air of the unassuming bystander and not wanting to be in the forefront of each melodramatic action-ignited scene.


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