writing haiku -a passenger: a haiku (and a prose)

a passengerjust a passenger

wheel in other’s hands he trusts

passing door ajar

~~~~~~~~~~~~Writing a haiku by looking at a picture at random is a form of creative-writing training. He has thousands of pictures to choose from. Some are quite good snapshots of memorable moments. Many are just pictures he takes for no particular reason. Each day the traveler looks through his photo folders which are broad categories based on places and dates. So it does not make his choice easy. One way of doing it fast is to recall the respective dates associated with special events, such as a visit to the ___Lake. He has his favorites. But the rule he has set for himself is not to pick favorites. So he just picks a picture at random, does a duplicate, reduces its size for internet posting, thereby losing somewhat its original clarity and depth of scope. Today’s picture is picked for its difficulty and it takes awhile to interpret so that a haiku may take shape. This is taken as a passenger in a car. Despite the dark trees and a protruding signboard looming in the forefront, the sky and cloud are quite attractive. He can see a door open to allow his imagination to pass through. Hence the haiku has taken its shape in a matter of minutes. On days when nothing comes forth, he leaves the picture alone. One good thing about first finding a picture and then ponder over it and write about it is that the picture can tell a thousand stories. It seems like one having a big football field to position his tiny haiku of three lines and 17 sounds.


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