writing Haiku-passenger 2: a haiku (and a prose)

passenger2’tis uncertain way

nature breaks for lunch in sky

know not where she strays

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Writing a haiku using another picture of a passenger on the road viewing from a car window is a further tough lesson today. What can the traveler see? What is on his mind? Haiku in its original Japanese form is mainly (if not all) about nature (including seasons). Although I am not writing in its original language, I do try to adhere to its root of descriptive form with a tinge of feeling/mood/thought hidden in between the lines. By adding a picture or rather basing my haiku words on a picture I have limited myself and yet expanded myself. In today’s picture, the activities are in the sky. The clouds are captured with great detail occupying the centre and bulk of the sky canvas. But the little bit of blue sky is beautiful on its own like it is not concerned with the majority participants on the same canvas. It looks like serene clear water with equally tranquil white islands floating by. What is the mood my haiku reflecting? As stated in the title, a passenger’s mood. I am going somewhere and am thinking of my destination. Traffic is clear. But the sky has this looming gray cloud. Is it going to rain? I don’t quite look forward to a delay if that happens. But the natural elements flow by their own pattern over which I have no control. In a picture and a few words, this haiku has thus attempted to present a rich variety of activities and moods in heaven and on earth. For a haiku lover, you will understand what I am trying to share. Thank you for coming by.


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