love letter not sent: a haiku (and a prose)

Spareabout love

Writing sad missive

While my guitar gently weeps*

because I write love

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~After watching the torrential downpour of a tropical rain, he decides to write this sad love letter. But he knows he cannot show her. Because it’s still about his love for her. He has promised her not to love her. It has to be a secret sealed in his heart. He can feel the daily weight as he breathes with it day and night. With each chord as he strums he feels the increasing heaviness. He asks the Lord what to do. Must he give up one impossible love so he can love the many lost souls out there? Can he love many the selfless love of God instead? Can he love again without pain? Can he ever relinquish one true love of twenty years and transform into a saint who loves many who have nothing to do with him? Here is the conversation:

“Can I love many the self-less love You gave me to love?”

“Yes. You can.”

“Will I then have no more pain in love, unlike this one that I am giving up?”

“No. You will have pain still. More so.”

“How can that be? I thought I am having pain in love because my love is for just one person and is so self-focused for so long?”

“Love is painful. When you truly love the love I love, you will find that many will not love you back. Some will reject you. Some will hate you.”

“Will I still love if the pain is so great?”

“You will. If you love, you will not count the cost of pain. Are you counting it right now? Would you rather that you had not loved her?”

“No.”(He hesitated a bit before giving this answer.)

“With My love you would not even notice the cost. You would not consider it a factor. You just love. because I first love you. Are you willing to bear the pain?”

“I am. But how shall I be able to bear the pain if it is going to be many times greater than this?”

“I will bear it with you.”


*taken from a song sung by the late George Harrison. Eric Clapton’s guitar accompaniment.



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