why he cannot love her: a haiku (and a prose)


“Please love me no more”

Brave hearts filled with tears unseen

rivers no return

~~~~~~~~~~~He knows it is coming. They both know. This imminent parting after a prolonged togetherness against all odds. When she says, “Please love me no more,” he does not seem shocked or have a breakdown. They have both already been broken sometime during the preparation for parting. How can two persons be so in love and so happy together and such a perfect pair decide such an incongruous move?  Close ones are shocked. Bystanders marvel. But he knows and she knows they cannot be together officially anymore. They are not allowed to even love each other. Soon she has to leave for a field where he cannot go. He has to start living by himself as if he is all alone again in this world. She being a scientist does not show her emotion at the parting. He is an artist. Of course he fights hard to hold back his tears. They have separated for quite sometime now. Does he still love her? There is no doubt he has put to death his human feeling. He has gone on a long journey faraway. He has submerged himself in self-less love and charity. He has volunteered for every good cause. He composes new songs. He paints beautiful pictures. He keeps young and fit in case they should one day chance to meet again. Only at his weakest moment such as feeling unwell for awhile, he dares think of her and the time they had together when she took care of him. Now because she is no longer here, he just lies down and prays away his illness and his unseen pain too. The pain of a heartache that threatens to becoming a lifelong etching into his deepest soul.

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