a dog’s life continues alone: a haiku (and a prose)

a dog's life aloneThe world is not small

for all creatures in the wild

free to roam and soar

~~~~~~~~~~~~I long for freedom. I am a small dog. My owner is very protective because he ties me up when he visits a pub to quench his thirst and meet others like him. So I wait and wait. Someone comes and takes my portrait. I turn the other side so he cannot have a good picture of me. I am smart you know. My owner (or rather a human who feeds me) stays with me. He keeps me clean and warm. He goes to work and comes home and makes sure I know I can wait and not in vain. But still I worry a bit. What if he doesn’t come home? What if he drinks himself to sleep like in this pub and leaves me outside in the cold?  What if some bigger dogs come along and start bullying me? Life is so uncertain for a small dog alone like me.

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