begin another journey: a haiku (and a prose)

begin another journeyfollowing the cloud

journey bursting songs aloud

finding happiness

~~~~~~~~~~~He thinks he will go anyway. Since the sky is so blue and the clouds seem friendly, at least to him, newly emerged from his own blue. Someone has predicted storm and other deterrence and urges him not to proceed with this journey. But he has made up his mind. Didn’t he hear her clearly last night in his dream, saying not to be afraid? What is a little storm on the way compared to the reunion at the end of the rail? He is not afraid. There are not many fellow passengers. Indeed he is alone in this car on the train that crosses from one end of the ocean to the other end. Yesterday’s news reported the derailment and tragic end of two workers. Yes, same track somewhere down the line round the bend. No one knows why it happened. He remembers the day when he was counseled not to go because there would be heavy snow and perhaps blizzard. But he went anyway. The snow came in the night and dug deep into the tracks. By the time he passed by the rail was clear and he could see the snow on both sides of the rail. He did not know who had cleared the passage. It was beautiful scenery all the way up and down hill. He cannot resist the blue sky and the white clouds. Like her dress of white and blue the first time they met when they were very young. She was standing somewhere under a tree and he was watching her from a distance. She turned and saw him and smiled. He never forgets her eyes. They were smiling too. Then she spoke. He has never heard such wonderful sounds before. He has no words for them. Yes, he remembers all about her. His lifelong love. How to describe his love? He cannot. So he must goes on this new train journey regardless of the storm. Because she is at the end of the line. His happiness.


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