perhaps you like this mountain

Cherry On Top
2007 Fuji Mt n cloudIt was a day before Christmas eve nine years ago. A time to celebrate the peace and goodwill promised to mankind. There were a bus load of us. You were sitting next to me. The ride was comfortable and the weather was fine. Indeed a mild winter. The guide told us to expect a sumptuous dinner of the best sushi ever served. He also took order of those who wanted a taste of the Hokkaido . King crab or Tarabagani, and Kobe veal. Bath in hot spring. Arrayed in the local cultural costumes for dinner. We truly enjoyed the experience in a different culture. I remember we told the host we would visit them again. But we never went back together. I never went back.

I remember you said you liked their mountain.

This is another view of the famous mountain. I hope you like it.


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