reflection: musing from a jilted mirror

sound mind journey

from a mirror

Dear owner of reflection mine,

this is a musing from a jilted mirror of years gone by.

I have been watching you passing me (sigh)

from a head lush with youthful spring to a head where few combs would dare abide

Yes, through years you have neglected looks or cares.

How often I looked up eagerly to find the unhurried days

perhaps with a casual glance to say Hi

or a smile to cheer me my…

Oft I heard you mutter, o bother…

Of late I noted the anxious moments of truth to potter

as I eavesdropped your lengthy mobile discourse

I heard brands of shampoo or hair strengthener or stuff that might remove lost years of deep remorse.

I gleefully greet frequent visits from you again at this autumn tide

Yet, faithfully I shall reflect the increasing bareness of years gone by.


“So teach us to number our days,
That we may gain…

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