Local museum opens today.
local-museum-open-todayThis is a very small museum recording the life of one man in the local community of this little suburb town. Admission is free. Very few travelers come to this town. I happen to be around as a wedding guest. This is the first time I visit a museum that looks like a family home, depicting the story of just one man -he started this little beautiful town. What can I see in perhaps half an hour? I see photos, furniture, utensils, equipment/instrument, weapons, coat of arms, old clothes of that period, brief summary of his life history, old faded documents like his letters, some official and some personal. The man with his people. The man with his family. The man had communicated in his time to his people. The young pupils are brought here to learn something about their past. But what does a traveler want to see? What do I want to see? I see multiple yet uncluttered gentle pastel colors of the past, like a misty romantic scene in an old movie of strangers in another time, another life, speaking in silence, yet loudly and audibly, like a picture framed in time, with its own theme and style, relevant in timeless concept and value of perhaps, characteristics that we admire: courage, integrity, selflessness, charity, wisdom and knowledge etc.

What makes a man important and memorable? This is the question I often ask myself. A local. An otherwise unknown person in the vast ocean of a nation. On the other hand, aren’t national heroes merely small individuals who come from each little local neighborhood?

Bible verse
Luke 16:10 “One who is faithful in the smallest matters is also faithful in much, and the one unjust in the smallest matters will likewise be unjust in much.

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