spiritual traveler’s notes extra on science and spirit and cliffhanger (2021-08-10)

Why can’t we really see a lot of things happening in our surrounding? We have physical eyes and spiritual eyes. Often we use only the physical eyes. We are physical beings and lean towards using our five senses in daily living. What we cannot see in the physical does not make it unreal. This is the spiritual traveler’s real life experience. He has written a journal on an adventure he went through in 2014 based on the prompting in his inner man and what he actually saw in his spirit, in dreams, and visions, words and sounds appearing to him. The spiritual man was not a hyper spiritual being. No. He was ordinary, a corporate executive, trained and employed just as many like him, on the corporate fast track for decades.

What made him see what others often ignore? When he looks back today he realizes it is a crucial trait in him that makes the difference. He investigates.

Being a scientific man, he is trained to investigate and sieve through voluminous data in great details. The first course he really enjoyed in his first year in the university was scientific social research methodology. Strange to say, he never liked statistics and accounting, but he had to use them all the time. He had to receive training in political science, organization dynamics, comparative government and law as well. And anthropology. And macro and micro economics. And banking and finance and management and administration of course. He did not like many of them. But it was part of the corporate world he had to enter later in his first career.

Yet, deep down, he knew the key was in the investigative training.

Can we investigate the spiritual/unseen world’s reality?

The answer finally came after he embarked on his second career in healthcare after doing a postgraduate degree which required in-depth investigative studies in both the physiological and psychological realms of human beings. Being a pragmatic mind-man, his favorite was in the cognitive-behavioral school, and not the person-centered philosophy.

The investigation brought him to another realm, that is, the unseen/spiritual realm, as he investigated into the supernatural effectiveness of prayers in healing physical sicknesses and recovery from surgical operations and various physical injuries.

When he investigated further, he found that he had to experience the divine reality of the words of God himself.

He must admit that it has been a very long journey in chronological years.

From an avid reader of science fiction and detective stories by classical writers, the mind-man evolved into a spiritual-mind-man who eventually became the spiritual traveler journalist.

He does not know a lot of things out there in the unseen realm. But his experience tells him that what he has already known and experienced is real.

I intend to piece together and update the journal notes which the spiritual traveler wrote in 2014-2015 and finish the ending chapters as well so that they can be made into books for more seekers of truth to read and investigate.

It will be a colossal task to re-write them for the books. I have been procrastinating. Today I woke from a dream reprimanding me that I am not doing my work faithfully, being too distracted over so many things, instead of doing the one thing that is assigned to me in my spirit.

Yes, that is why I am here writing this reminder to myself.

So the spiritual traveler begins a new journey to finish the last one which was suspended with a cliffhanger nearly a decade ago…

Kainotes, 2021-08-12

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