simply six minutes challenge: 09/21/2021a random movie scene

Well, I am pleased too to meet you.

My name? I’m afraid I can’t tell you right now.

Please don’t get me wrong, Miss, I um I just don’t seem to remember right now. But it will come to me shortly. Ah, I clearly remember it starts with A… or B or C ? Never mind.

Why am I here alone? Why can’t I be here? Surely I can be alone at times, or most times. Unseemly of me? No way, ma’am, no way. A chap can be alone anytime he or she or they want. It’s a sunny day and all that snow. I like being here just minding my own business…

O, you mean it’s a working day and I shouldn’t be out here in the wild, and instead, i should be in my important office signing important stuff? I beg your pardon? I have already done all the signing the minute I took over my office. I have like, signed like never before!!!

What did I sign? Do I remember? Why should I? Why should I care? Sir, I have done my part, and earned my keep. That is what matters. Please don’t bother me again. Let me be, can’t you hear?

(Time ran out because there was a lot of hesitations and ng. From a distance the director cried cut)

224 words


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