For a girl named Peace (a brief sequel)

This happens a few years later at an international airport. The story character Ka is on transit on his way flying out to a distant isolated classified land for another long assignment on earth just as he has promised the writer Ka in the last SnowLand story. On the other hand, the character Peace happens to have just flown in to see a new client on her design assignment. Here is the conversation between the two story characters after they greet each other politely like any acquaintances do. They are sitting in Starbucks for a quick drink and a brief update for the limited time at hand.

K: It’s been some time since the SnowLand ending and you don’t seem to have changed.

P: Thank you. Neither have you.

K: How are things with you?

P: I am still in my interior design profession. You? How come you have come back to earth? I thought you couldn’t change back from the light form?

K: I have been promoted. I am now able to transform between the physical and the invisible existence, which seems like light in your perception. I have been assigned a new mission.

P: There is something I want you to answer me honestly. Why didn’t you ever come for me? I thought you have promised!

K: No. I didn’t say that. In our last goodbye I said I would be circling earth and other planets in a light form and yearly if you care to look up on a certain date I can manifest to you and let you know that light form is me regardless where you may be on that date.

P: I thought you would appear to me the way you did at my window at the last farewell in SnowLand. And you never did. Anyway I didn’t carry out the additional year’s design commission. I left SnowLand and returned home as soon as you left.

K: I know. K2 told me.

P: I was disappointed you never came as I thought you would. I am also disappointed now when I see that you can transform into a man again and you never bother to contact me and tell me you have returned to earth!

K: It is a classified secret. I am not even supposed to be talking to you. I know you are safe and well. That is all I need to know. Now that you have seen me and know I am safe and well too, there is really nothing else that matters. Right?

P: Right.

K: You see, I am doing an important job that protects all mankind, including you and your loved ones. Isn’t it better this way?

P: Yes. I will always remember what you have come to earth for and how you are willing to give even your life to defend the earthlings and the one you love. O, how I have missed you, K. (She burst into tears.)

K: (silence until P stops sobbing.)

P: If only we were like normal earth couple, living a normal happy life with each other for a long long time. K2 is not you! I don’t want to grow old with him! That’s why I left immediately.

K: There is no “If only” in earth life. Nothing can repeat or replace itself. Even the water flowing through a river. Not the same water flows through even though they may look alike to our eyes. I know K2 cannot be me.

P: Is it too late to start afresh now? Is it not in your agenda?

K: We have missed the appointment that brief season on earth that time offered. What is written cannot be unwritten. It is over, A. (Her original name) In fact, you are not the same anymore in time. Neither am I. The truth is every moment in time on earth can never be repeated or replaced.

P: Like the water.

K: Yes, like the water. Or a snowflake. Since I am on earth I won’t be encircling the earth for a long long time. I won’t be communicating with you or anyone.

P: How shall I know you are still on earth? I am now an ordinary earth woman living by faith in the light. I have no dark power to link to you or find you anymore.

K: When you look up the sky at night when the sky is clear and full of light, you can find a bright star that seems to be constantly fixed in the North. That star signifies me, still on earth, guarding earth.

P: (Sobbing again. then she composes herself and looks at K.)

K: They have just called for boarding. I have got to leave now. Remember the song by Mark Knopfler “wherever I go”? Nice song to listen to. There’s a place in my heart, may you always know, I’ll keep a flame there for you, Wherever I go. Goodbye.

Mark Knopfler’s “Wherever I Go”
(feat. Ruth Moody)

Mark Knopfler’s “Wherever I Go”
(feat. Ruth Moody)

Maybe I’m bound to wander
From one place to the next
Heaven knows why
But in the wild blue yonder
Your star is fixed in my sky

Just another bar at a crossroads
So far from home
But that’s alright
Whenever I’m going down a dark road
I don’t feel alone in the night

There’s a place in my heart
Though we’re far apart
May you always know
No matter how long since I saw you
I’ll keep a flame there for you
Wherever I go

They’re looking to close up in here
They’re pulling down the blinds
But they’ll let you stay awhile
They’re not going to mind

Now I’ve got to leave you, brother
So this round’s mine
Here’s looking at you, anyhow
You can go on and have another
They won’t call time
I’m going to say my goodbyes now

There’s a place in my heart
Though we’re far apart
May you always know
No matter how long since I saw you
I’ll keep a flame there for you
Wherever I go

and last night my poem died

picture in an Italian restaurant, CA

It’s been a long time since I wrote

a sad song for a long lost boat

since she set sail one tempestuous night

going after an imaginary knight

all the poems in my heart died of birthing

weeping for a heart that stalled

she said the angel whispered that he is at Worthing

and she must be at his pier stowed

she said she had reasons plenty for leaving

and no armor of poems can shield her from grieving

for a love that was never born

between she and I

and last night my poem died


Ka’s futuristic fiction about self-less love

Ka’s Snowland deer

Last Christmas I attempted a new mini-series about a man named Ka from another realm being born into the earth life to complete an assignment on earth. He is assigned to a place called Snowland where he meets a girl named Peace. There are sixteen episodes. In each episode there is a quote from Orhan Pamuk’s books. And I used the quote to work on a theme for that episode. The writer of the series named Ka is a fictitious character. He writes himself into the story and interacts with the hero Ka. The two main characters (Ka and Peace) in the story are based on glimpses of two real persons who reveal themselves in bits and pieces in the experience of Ka the writer.

Looking back, it is quite an experiment to weave a story around two persons in the future. The main goal is to bring out the subject of the essence of future love. I imagine a world interacting with other worlds, human beings interacting with other intelligent beings. In this story the other being is far more intelligent and advanced in terms of existence in his realm. The future character Ka comes for a mission which requires a much higher level of science and technology. At the same time he has a secondary goal, to write a book about the essence of love for the woman character Peace.

What is true love? He describes it and lives it with his earth life. In essence, love means giving without expectation of return. Love means not possessing. Love is not a commodity of exchange, unlike human usage.

The futuristic world of Ka is a world of light. It is formed of the essence of goodness and love, the essence of the Creator, whom he calls, the Source.

Do human have revelation of this reality beyond them and their present world? The answer is yes. There are revelations in the history of mankind. There are humans who have received such enlightenment and tried to write about it. Often we find glimpses of them in various fictions.

We also find it in human heart. There is a tiny hidden spot in each heart where a selfless seed is waiting to be born. A love that goes beyond utility. A love that transcends above everything we have been taught and learned to acquire in earth life.

Does such a love ever manifest in human life? Yes. Sometimes we read about others who give their lives without expecting a return from others. Sometimes we find ourselves giving in such a way that it seems foolish and naive in the eyes of others. Yes, the seed of greatness does manifest itself in our life-time when we allow it to be born.

To such a one, at the moment when the essence of love comes forth in the physical realm, others’ misunderstanding, mistaken views, good or bad, about your perspectives, your actions, and even your motives, no longer matter.

How does Ka the writer work this out? “Good fiction is about asserting the beauties of the world, inventing a new, positive thing. Where am I going to get that? And it should be original; it should not be cliched. So the way I looked at history was not to accuse it of failure.” (Orhan Pamuk)

Our lives are history. After you accumulate lots of years of reading, writing, and practicing living the ideal, you are one step ahead at least in knowing what is good ahead as you write your good future.

Has this blogger, the spiritual mindman, anything to do with the above, creating the writer Ka, and the story character Ka from a future realm? The answer is in the blogs that had started in 2012. Do read some of the earlier blogs and stories.

Meanwhile, is there a sequel for the completed series “For a girl named Peace” which I have already removed from this blog? The sequel is being written, daily by the main characters. In the heart. In decision making. In choices in lives. In lifestyle.

From: Ka

Snowland. May 2020.

a dancing poet and a lass

a poet’s encounter

She never knew his actual age in an enigmatic bygone life

A somewhat suave soft-spoken man with poetry deep set in his eyes

Are you the poet? She asked when their eyes first locked

Seeing him standing out from the mundane lot

Why, his pupils like deep water reflecting hers

Why are you selfieing my eyes?

And what is that shinning in your palm?

Beg your pardon, lass, raising his right arm

Nothing in his open palm indeed

A magician that’s who you are, she exclaims

No, lass, you do not know who I am

Then tell me who you really are sir, she insists

No need, lass, you will know as you persist

Why, sir, why? She sees the gleaming hand again

I am looking for the poet they say who paints

His smiling eyes saddens shaking his head in pain

No, poets don’t paint, they dance

I am no poet but I too dance, she laughs

Show me your dance steps then and I’ll show you mine

Thus starts the story of two strangers, a poet and a lass who both love poetry and dance

O how they could dance

And soon both have palms that gleam and glow in the night sky

As beautiful words make their light formation on high

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

against all odds: a haiku (and a prose)

a winter day by rail
a winter day on snowy mountain

He does not lose heart
burning flame consuming might
overcoming odds ~~~~~~~~~Against all odds, their love was. He did not see her again for five years. Meanwhile he worked day and night for the corporation without distraction. He did not have his own private life. The convention-conference business boomed as they partnered with tech-digital gurus who revolutionized the way people connect. Connection was no longer hindered by geographical-location constraints. The key word became connect, connect, connect. It still is today. The guests and participants came armed with their own social connecting machines in their palms, on their laps. Yet the gold continued to pour in because the modern corporate players mix business with pleasures. The Midas still had the edge over any virtual holiday resorts because it offered physically tangible reality of places and food and social connections. The boss was elated, “AJ, we have the best of both worlds: The location. The connection.” But AJ had his mind elsewhere. On the first anniversary of the encounter he went back to the beach to see if she was there, the little princess. But she was not there. Her folks took her elsewhere. On the second anniversary he went again but she was not there. Year after year he went, hoping to meet her again. He had found out that her folks were one of those oldest and rarest families who remained on earth after thousands of years. There was otherwise no information about them. They came in their own liner and private jet. But he did not see her with them. Yes, he waited for their landing every year but she was not in their midst. He could not explain why he went back every year for an appointment which was one-sided. He could not in his rational mind understand what he was trying to do and what he hoped to get in the end. All he knew was the first encounter with her impacted his deepest soul. Maybe he knew his life was to tie with hers.

On this March day when he was a month from his 26th birthday, he walked to the deserted beach again. The sea was calm and still. Gulls were feeding. He closed his eyes and listened to the wind. “Ahem.” She said. He turned and saw a young girl of about sixteen standing behind him. Her large eyes watched him with the seriousness of their first encounter. He recognized her. She held out her hands to him and asked, “Can you tell me what are inside my hands?” He thought he was prepared but he knew she would not expect the same answer. (to be continued)

The ‘love’ factor of a poet’s presentation

We read further how poets present themselves. In this sonnet, If Thou Must Love Me, the poet expresses her earnest desire about how she wants her lover, to love her. Indeed, this episode in history displayed one of the best regarded love and marriage relationship between two known poets who were brave and faithful to each other as shown in their commitment to the marriage vow, “Until death do we part” (on earth).

If Thou Must Love Me by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

If thou must love me, let it be for nought
Except for love’s sake only. Do not say
‘I love her for her smile—her look—her way
Of speaking gently,—for a trick of thought
That falls in well with mine, and certes brought
A sense of pleasant ease on such a day’—
For these things in themselves, Beloved, may
Be changed, or change for thee,—and love, so wrought,
May be unwrought so. Neither love me for
Thine own dear pity’s wiping my cheeks dry,—
A creature might forget to weep, who bore
Thy comfort long, and lose thy love thereby!
But love me for love’s sake, that evermore
Thou mayst love on, through love’s eternity

Notes summarily quoted from various public sources: (mostly from Wikipedia)

Born in County Durham, the eldest of 12 children, Browning was educated at home. She wrote poetry from around the age of six and this was compiled by her mother, comprising what is now one of the largest collections extant of juvenilia by any English writer. At 15 Browning became ill, suffering from intense head and spinal pain for the rest of her life, rendering her frail. She took laudanum for the pain, which may have led to a lifelong addiction and contributed to her weak health.

Elizabeth Barrett came from a prominent and wealthy family and she was already a well established poet before she met fellow poet Robert Browning. Robert had been an admirer of Elizabeth’s work for some time, and with the help of a friend, John Kenyon, met Elizabeth in 1845. The two quickly fell in love and thus, began one of the most famous courtships in literature. Her father disapproved of Robert, who believed he was an unreliable fortune hunter, so the couple kept their relationship a secret. Together, they exchanged hundreds of love letters, and by 1846, the couple eloped. Her father disowned her and she faced disgust from her brothers, who believed she had married a low-class gold digger. However, Elizabeth stood by her husband, and shortly after their wedding, they fled to Italy. Two of Barrett’s most famous pieces were produced after she met Browning, Sonnets from the Portuguese and Aurora Leigh.

Six years his elder and an invalid, she could not believe that the vigorous and worldly Robert Browning really loved her as much as he professed. At her husband’s insistence, Elizabeth’s second edition of Poems included her love sonnets; as a result, her popularity increased (as well as critical regard), and her artistic position was confirmed.

Much of Barrett Browning’s work carries a religious theme. She had read and studied such famous literary works as Milton’s Paradise Lost and Dante’s Inferno. She says in her writing, “We want the sense of the saturation of Christ’s blood upon the souls of our poets, that it may cry through them in answer to the ceaseless wail of the Sphinx of our humanity, expounding agony into renovation. Something of this has been perceived in art when its glory was at the fullest. Something of a yearning after this may be seen among the Greek Christian poets, something which would have been much with a stronger faculty”.[

She died on 29 June 1861(aged 55) in her husband’s arms. Browning said that she died “smilingly, happily, and with a face like a girl’s. … Her last word was … ‘Beautiful'”.[3] She was buried in the Protestant English Cemetery of Florence.[1

Quote from Robert Browning’s first letter to Elizabeth: (click the link to full letter)

“I love your verses with all my heart, dear Miss Barrett…and part of me has it become, this great living poetry of yours,,, I do, as I say, love these Books with all my heart-and I love you too”…

Elizabeth and Robert Browning

The ‘choice’ factor of a poet’s presentation

I like to read poets. Not only poems but also the human mind who pens them.
What drives this poet? His mind or his spirit?
I don’t need to be driven by the same. I can choose to be different.
That’s why I enjoy reading some poets.
Here’s one. Read the poet.
Read your own perspective too. How would you present yourself in a poem? At an interval of your own journey.

Robert Frost (1874–1963).  Mountain Interval.  1920.

The Road Not Taken

TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.


more on sound and mind story

Mirco Mencacci ( Pontedera , 1961 ) is a film sound editor. At the age of four, became blind due to a gunshot party accidentally. He was then forced to move to Genoa to attend a special school for the blind.  Here he discovered his talent for music, and especially for the sound.

He has developed an exceptional hearing that led him to be a sound editor among the most popular in Italian cinema. Mencacci inspired the making of the movie Red Like the Sky that taking a cue from his personal story illustrates the conditions of the special schools in the 70s.

A summary review of the movie: The movie depicts the story of Mirco, the victim of a freak childhood accident in 1970 that robbed him permanently of his sight, and how he is taken to a Genoan boarding school for Catholic boys, due to the stipulations of the Italian government. Not one to be daunted or repressed, Mirco forges a heartwarming friendship with the daughter of the school gatekeeper; the two abscond together, via her bicycle, on a series of secret trips to the closest cinema. Meanwhile, at the school, being sensitive to sound, Mirco begins recording his own sound dramas with the school’s tape recorder and the use of audio books in the institution’s library. In time, the innovative young boy invites other students to participate, who eagerly accept, and Mirco uses the activity to help fellow student identify his own innate gifts and pursue his dreams. The story ends with a grand finale wherein the blind students present a sound drama with different sounds created by them working on various creatively concocted  instruments/utensils which bring the reality of a natural world into the auditorium. Life without sight can carry on with sound and creative mind.

This is a very positive story of sound and mind. Highly recommended by this mindman blogger. red_like_the_sky blind boys

journey on: more little dog’s story -the gate and the cage

This little dog is trying her best to adjust to living in the new house which has no garden. One recent day she was put to test and subject to much confusion by the human.

He drove home and parked the car outside as he did not want to let the dog run into the street. So he got down from his car and unlocked the front gate, got in and locked up the dog (in a cage which the dog could easily get out as she could open the latch). By the time he got back to the car he discovered that he did not have the car key with him. Instead, he had the key to the gate lock.

He went into the house as he had got in and put his shoppings there. But, alas, the car key was not there either.

He went back to the car outside the gate and found that he had locked the car but the key was not inside the car.

Where could the car key be? He walked the whole distance between the gate, the front porch and the living room a number of times trying to recall what else he did in that short time.

Meanwhile the dog went in and out of the cage as she normally gets into the cage obediently when humans drive their cars outside or command her to sit inside the cage, but gets out of the cage the minute the cars are outside the gate. As it was uncertain whether the car was coming in or going out, she moved in and out of the cage, as the human went outside and came inside.

It was like a game of beating the other to the cage and/or the gate. Eventually the human cried out in despair, “O Lord, mercy, I cannot handle this any longer.” He was hungry and tired and longed to take a shower and go to bed. A prompting inside made him walk to the cage, and there the car key was, on top of the cage, next to the padlock of the gate! cute-dog-snow

What a day! What an adventure for the little dog, who had proven her proficiency in getting in and out of the cage. She also demonstrated her obedience when he placed a small jar of fruit enzymes at her cage door to deter her from getting out of the cage. She sat in the cage this last round and watched the mysterious jar with interest. She was careful not to open the door in case she broke it. What a dog!

Adaptability Scoreboard for mind and habit: human -0; dog -full marks.

My Real Life: Mindman’s adventure- uncharted waters 2013, a journey into sound mind

ImageThe mindman continued his journey to see God in the Spirit this year. His understanding is that this will be a journey into sound mind!


On the new year eve a small group gathered in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to worship, read God’s words and prayed. On the same day a number of Scripture songs in two languages were identified and chosen. Amazingly some could not be recorded in the special edition CD for the occasion. Some others were recorded repeatedly at least three times in the same CD! One crucial song sang the Scripture from Revelation 19:5-7, “ Then a voice came from the throne, saying, “Praise our God, all you His servants and those who fear Him, both[a] small and great!” And I heard, as it were, the voice of a great multitude, as the sound of many waters and as the sound of mighty thunderings, saying, “Alleluia! For the[b] Lord God Omnipotent reigns! Let us be glad and rejoice and give Him glory, for the marriage of the Lamb has come, and His wife has made herself ready.”

The gathering started at 9pm and ended reluctantly before 2pm. During the worship and prayers in the Spirit, the group sang ‘Alleluia’ many many times. When the alarm clock rang at 11:59 to alert them for the cross over to a new season of time in the Lord, they were all refreshed. Later one of them received a message from his family who were also worshiping and praying in their main church, at that time, that two prayer groups at two different locations were also singing the same ‘Alleluia’ verses at that time even though they had never communicated prior to this event!

That means the three groups (big and small) of believers were all being led by the Holy Spirit at the same time that night! This confirmed the Bible verse,1 Corinthians 6:17 (NKJV) “But he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him.“  Romans 8:14 (NKJV) “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.”

Revelation received regarding what Bible books to read was: start from the Book of Genesis. See the faith journey of Abraham. The Bible reading was very rewarding. Indeed, the journey to see God is a journey for all believers. Abraham’s life is a type for all Christians who walk by faith and not by sight, led by the Spirit of God and not by flesh.

The Lord God has revealed Himself to one man, Abraham and called Himself the God of Abraham. The same Lord God Almighty had also revealed Himself to Abraham’s son Isaac (through the promise of God, born according to the Spirit of God, Galatians 4:29), and called Himself the God of Isaac. He also revealed Himself to the grandson of Abraham, Jacob (later changed to Israel), and called Himself the God of Jacob.

The same God makes sure each born again Christian knows He expects each to know Him personally as his or her own God. God is Spirit and not bound by time or space or any point of history. When He looks at each man He sees the whole life of the man at a glance. When He looks at a group of men He looks at all at the same glance, regardless of the different time and space in which they are placed at any point of time or space.

It is impossible to describe God using our human mind. We can only know a bit of God when He reveals to each of us by His Spirit. This is an exciting journey indeed for each members of the group as fresh revelations are being received daily by each individual.

This is the journey of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Uncharted waters. Very refreshing and real to each of us. Our God is awesome!


2013 New Year Resolution for the mindman:

Be more obedient to the prompting of his spirit man, as led by the Spirit of the Lord. .

Instead of relying on his mind’s running commentary, weighing all the pros and cons, making decisions after a lot of weighing and guarded arguments even in his head, living in his mind and worshiping his own mind and great minds in the world, he is determined to make a clean break and trust God, Who is Spirit and is real. he will not waste his precious time living in vain, idle words. Words are not to be wasted.

Words should be Spirit. Words should be life. That is the original purpose of words created by the Creator Who uses words to perform and accomplish everything.

The only pros and cons he will weigh in his mind will be: is this word from the self (mind and emotion), or is this word from the enemy (the deceiver), or is this word from the Lord (the Holy Spirit).

He really looks forward to sailing in the spirit on uncharted waters. It has been a long time since he went in a boat. He remembers the refreshing wind, the choppy waves, and the hope and expectation to see land beyond the waters!