Past tales -revisit “where our lives meet, there is always time”

I first took part in Becky’s timesquare with this post, where our lives meet, there is always time posted on 12-27-2018. Looking at the pictures and the poem I realize how time has passed almost without notice. The story and poem (about an old love between a farmer and his old wife) faded like the deliberate fading effect of the pictures which were originally taken in 2015 in a homestay in a third world country.

The 2018 post was included in Becky#timesquare.

Here is an original picture in colors.

taken on 2015-04-05 in a bridal suite in a homestay in Cambodia

Becky’s past tales (2021-10-14)

coming home to the rain and typing

Since returning to my more stable and familiar station, I have encountered two major issues: the weather and the internet.

I welcome the tropical weather. No more heavy clothing and encumbrances in terms of what to wear for jogging and walking in winter. Of course the rain is bothersome at times. This station has rain that does not stop except for brief intervals. It goes on for days and nights and weeks. It does not flood the land as I am on high ground with good drainage and least over-development. But it does mean that I don’t go out walking and neither can I walk or bath the dog. Another inconvenience is I don’t like driving in the rain too. So I am sort of grounded with the dog, watching the rain day in day out at the window.  The dog is fine as I have enough food and snacks readily stocked for her to last until the rain finally stops. As for me, I can hardly say that I am sensibly stocked enough for a month or so. All that I have done so far since returning was to visit the computer programmer and worked through an internet issue that stopped me from using my new MacBook Pro to access the internet using a local internet mobile USB broadband.

I have inadvertently left behind my other laptop charger in the foreign country across the pacific ocean. So I have no option but to keep working at solving the MacBook issue. I cannot get a replacement locally. None of the other charger fits. There is no stock in the market. Amazing. Even a charger can ground me.

Under such circumstances what does a traveler writer do? I started spring cleaning so that I perchance might locate a long forgotten laptop in good condition and is internet friendly. At first I thought I could perhaps borrow from someone who has similarly gone on her own long journey. I looked through the common cabinets and drawers and came upon a tiny laptop in a pretty wrapping. I thought it was one of her old discarded one. Behold, when I pulled it out I was in for a pleasant surprise -it is my own back up notebook from another foreign land, a third world poor country where I purchased it for a mere $100 in the second hand market. It is in perfect condition and immediately goes online without any trouble.

Well I have finally solved the internet and MacBook issues. Now I am back to my large print screen and beautiful pictures display. I suppose it is a matter of habits. During the days when I had to use the tiny laptop I actually became accustomed to its size and fonts. I once thought it was never meant to be of any serious typing. I thought I could not even look at its fonts. But when I started using it I hardly noticed any such weaknesses. I was giving thanks daily this last resort backup typing machine was hardy, reliable and faithful.

So in a way I learn a writer’s lesson. A writer uses a typewriter or something we call a notebook to write. The internet does not really matter. I was so obsessed with the lack of internet ease of accessing relevant information and good visibly large prints of what I type and display of the beautiful photographs I have taken that I have forgotten that it is the writing in texts and the originality of my contents that really matter. The rests are frills.

when the leaves are gone: two haiku

20160124_103733 copy

choosing to venture
beyond imagination
stretching perception
traveler near and far
seeking shelter all beyond
warm home winter bond
Traveler does not really choose the definite spaces and time frames. He may plan and prepare for a specific destination. But he cannot ensure its finality. For everyone who is often on the road he or she knows it’s just a matter of time before the unexpected happens. A good example is a winter snow blizzard. A tropical rain storm. Even a strong wind on high altitude. Natural elements. Supernatural phenomena too. What can a traveler do when schedules need to be changed due to unforeseen events? This is something every traveler is prepared to handle. It can be challenging but often worth the challenge. A member of the traveler’s family is currently being unduly delayed in a city due to a weekend snow blizzard that has caused many flight cancelations. The plus side is: she is stuck with two of her old friends from yesteryears, and her buddies have stock up plenty of comfort food and they are having a good time reminiscing their long gone past and having a good fellowship together.

An ancient wise elder knows this very well. Here is the advice:
James 4:13-16 New King James Version (NKJV)

Do Not Boast About Tomorrow
13 Come now, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will[a] go to such and such a city, spend a year there, buy and sell, and make a profit”; 14 whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away. 15 Instead you ought to say, “If the Lord wills, we shall live and do this or that.” 16 But now you boast in your arrogance. All such boasting is evil.


James 4:13 M-Text reads let us.

a branch at land’s end: a haiku

oceanawed by majestic

vast water and sky beyond

he became a branch


[ A Promise of Restoration ] But in that day, the branch of the Lord will be beautiful and glorious; the fruit of the land will be the pride and glory of all who survive in Israel.
(Isaiah 4:2 )

SHORT STORY (quotes)

short storyThe first sentence(s) and the last sentence(s): 7 SHORT STORIES


  1. A STORY: A man, once a wealthy banker but now anonymous in rags, retired, richer than ever, wandered the streets of our city. And looks at you, as if for the first time.
  2. THEY LET ME tend to my husband’s burial and settle his affairs. And it’s the only one I get.
  3. WALLACE WENT ALL the way to Florida to fight a Brazilian middleweight he’d never heard of for ten thousand dollars. It was delightful.
  4. AFTER DINNER, NOBODY went home right away. Then sometimes I get up and don my robe and go out into our quiet neighborhood looking for a magic thread, a magic sword, a magic horse.
  5. MANY YEARS AGO, after I retired from the bank, James brought a small terrier to our apartment in Paris. “Please don’t leave,” I say.
  6. THIS HAPPENS A lot-people travel and they find places they like so much, they think they’ve risen to their best selves just by being there. –we were having an unavoidable moment, my aunt and I, of each feeling sorry for the other. In our separate ways. How could we not?
  7. MY FATHER MADE it as far as Little Iceland. That was the name of the iceberg they found his notebook frozen into, interred like a fossil. By which she means she understands that one day I will leave her too. Lift off the ground, think myself beyond gravity. Let go.

(Excerpts quoted from: Fingerprints, Moving On, You’ll Apologize if You Have To, The Largesse of the Sea Maiden, Madame Lazarus, About My Aunt, North.)

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