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old friends framed in time together

Old Friends. A picture on the wall of a mining museum. A man and his dog. From the background it appears they sat for this portrait in the artist's studio. How long had they been patiently sitting together in this posture? How many sessions? Perhaps not too long. In real life how long had they … Continue reading old friends framed in time together

whose heritage?

Heritage means something that is handed down from the past: as a tradition, a national heritage of honor, pride, and courage; something that comes or belongs to one by reason of birth; ; something reserved for one: the heritage of the righteous; something that has been or may be inherited by legal descent or succession. … Continue reading whose heritage?

You are not alone: a haiku bird song

Seeing with your heart I am next to you in tune You are not alone ~~~~~~~~~~~~ At first the traveler thought there was just one lone bird perched on a pole. When looking closely at the picture, another tiny bird emerged on a lower pole. Voilà! Not a lone bird after all. (This much reduced-size … Continue reading You are not alone: a haiku bird song

random words, definitions, quotes: LIBERAL

Today we look at the definition of a popular English word that came from France. LIBERTY/LIBERAL/FREE. French libre ‎(“free, having liberty, at liberty”) Origin of LIBERAL comes from:Middle English: via Old French from Latin liberalis, from liber 'free (man)'. The original sense was 'suitable for a free man', hence 'suitable for a gentleman' (one not … Continue reading random words, definitions, quotes: LIBERAL

His eyes are too blurred: a dictionary of a haiku

His eyes are too blurred hands too shaky to focus a sharpness in soul ~~~~~~~~~ Writing Haiku is an art and a science. Here is a summary of the structure and usual form. Being a haiku writer since I first encountered a Japanese haiku many years ago, I now say it is more an art … Continue reading His eyes are too blurred: a dictionary of a haiku

traveler’s mirror reflects: a road of hope (a haiku with explanatory notes)

a road of hope, son brings us to a bright future compassion and love -------------------------- Hope, compassion and love which are essential healing ingredients may be Clichés to many, for many people these are the heart-felt cries of men, women and children...even the ground and the creatures and plants.