meeting the local in two perspectives


These pictures depict two cafes in US both serving Italian pizzas and sandwiches. I stumbled upon the quiet empty Italian cafe in a country/suburb while traveling solo. It was a pleasant morning after a walk and I was early for lunch, thereby having the advantage of being the only customer. After I ordered from a very courteous waiter, two other ladies came in. After the meal I was too full to walk home so I called my transport. I never went back to this cafe but it was Italian with a local US flavor. I enjoyed the food and the ambience.

The other more standard kind of family pizza place was located in a busy town. We went there in a group. I can’t remember what I ate that day. I enjoyed the group company. The local host was very hospitable to me, a traveling guest.

Which one would I prefer to visit again? If I have the company of someone close, I would of course choose the quiet one in the country.

Why? In my teen days I liked company of crowd: the noise, the fun of numbers, and the gaiety therein. As I gain in chronological years, I have learned to appreciate and treasure the quiet focus of a close one’s silence. This change in taste has grown into me without my noticing. It is like a platitude declared in silent rendition flowing with the gentle movement of the unseen waves of time and space as I travel through this life.

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